The A.M.C \The Art makers & community- A spotlight on fine artist and creative innovators from all fields. Everybody has a creative side, and A.M.C. is a showcase of the blackbelts. This blog features the elusive influencer behind the scenes with their craft.  


 Loma street market and the 157 productions crew....From wide format printing, vehicle wraps, interior design, product and catalog shoots; to handmade letterpress and even full blown art show events, Loma street market is your one stop eye candy shop... They have been their since our beginning; helping with our billboard design, logo creation, and letter press needs from start to finish. Thomas Van Do who owns the business has been in the design industry for 20 years and we've been friends the whole time. 


This is the band We are the West. They play outta of Los Angeles and tour around the country. A beautiful sound that travels into multiple genres with serious craftsmanship; the shows are extravagant and avant-garde. Their monthly residency inside the "underground garage" in Santa Monica (for the last 5 years) is a great way to see and listen to this band...We are big fans and they have been great friends of WineNoir. 

For the the traveling artist in us all. The adventure seeker, curator, and abstract thinker with a taste for the elusive and exclusive.

This fellow above is Albert Lee: Photographer, editor, teacher, journalist and full moon party crew member. I have known Albert going on 15 years, and he's always learning and reinventing himself. Albert is also a staff member at one of the nations largest newspapers, creating beautiful compelling multi-media pieces. See his Work!





A Skateboard filmier going on 20 years is no easy task. First of all ya gotta be pretty good just to keep up. Mike Aldape hasn't only been good, but has been reinventing the skate world with his original technique-using a Go-Pro camera to get up close like never before. We have known Mike since the beginning and with his Alias being Dr.Purple Teeth (he loves wine) it was a natural partnership. We have teamed up with the "Dr." for a wine review via Insta: its called Wine Wednesday. Check out his favorite wines alongside skateboarding like never before.  


The ever elusive "Street Artist" is alive and well. This thriving & emerging art scene was catapulted into the mainstream shortly after Banksy's "exit thru the gift-shop" film. The resurgence created a new look at art/society as a whole. The Artist below is Free Humanity and was a part of that first wave coming onto the scene. He's has remained current with large scale murals and an uncanny ability to turn out work. With engaging observations on G.M.O foods, corruption, and humanitarians; his pieces are now becoming highly revered in fine-art circles around the world. We've been great friends and collaborators since early 2000... always stoked on free!


This is Angie Dominguez...Angie was the creator of the film thats plays in the opening of the site. When WineNoir was just a dream Angie's enthusiasm was a huge spark. She came thru, and not only filmed the making of the business card via the vintage print press, she also edited it beautifully. A highly capable creative mastermind who wears multiple hats. We are beyond grateful to call her a friend and collaborator. Cheers! 


Abstract geometrics and contemporary illustrations are whats current for artist Dave Soto. However, several different styles are always at hand. This dynamic fine-artist is also a skateboarder, with culinary skills to match. A low-key entrepreneur; the founder / sole proprietor of WineNoir.


The art of Sum-e requires a swift and steady hand. Janine Bainter has been an artist for decades exploring nature thru a variety of techniques. This ancient eastern style of ink wash painting is minimalist and graceful, requiring knowledge of the brush and media. Janine displays an elegance that transcends in to her work. Her background in fashion adds a contemporary flair and avant-grade vogue to her subject matter, and artistic practice. 


Bearwulf is a long beach band created by frontman Rob Gravley. Rob is a theater major and plays multiple instruments. On stage, his theatrics create a subversive rock and roll atmosphere often stoking the crowd past the midnight hour with unparalleled energy. Alongside guitarist Danny Cadiz, this band has been jamming on fire 5+years with no sign of stopping. Ive known these guys a decade- we are fans, friends and collaborators for life!


My first encounter with Tachi Fujimori was grade school in the early 90's. We've been great friends ever since. Always a music connoisseur... collecting records thru-out high school, skateboarding rad, and always sharing the latest street ware fashions. He now goes by the name Dj Chilly-T playing shows around the world, curating events and throwing concerts...an underground innovator and major influence. 

The photo also features Nathan Crampton: another great friend, and a collector of D.A.Soto art-work. Nathan is a film and television producer outta Los Angeles, whom over the years has racked up quite a resume of projects. His energy and work ethic are righteous. Nate was around in the downtown LA days hanging in the art studio with his now wife Vicki.  

David A. Soto